Today, we would like to introduce you Doris Sung, an architect based in U.S., who designs and develops bio-metal, which can respond to the environment and, hence, breathable. It is using the simple principle of material's expansibility when heated. When two different metals are laminated together, due to their different rate in expansibility, the laminated metal sheet will curl when heated.

This is a fine example of intelligent design without using artificial "intelligence product".

今天我们想向您介绍Doris Sung,一个来自美国的建筑师。她设计并开发可以与环境呼应的可呼吸的“生化金属”。通过材料热涨冷缩的简单原理,把两个不同的金属做成夹板,由于不同的膨胀系数,当受热,金属夹板便会弯曲。