Have an idea? But do not have the tools/programs to model your design?

The following are some free programs that you can try. After you model your design in the program, simply just export the model* as .STL and email it to us at contact(a)andinc.co . In one week* time, you will receive your design at your door!

*1.Make sure your final model is a water-tight model.

 *2.Provided the 3D model is water-tight and shipping address is within major cities in China. 


以下是一些您可以用的免費三維軟件。您通過這些軟件建完您的設計後只需把模型*導出成.STL格式然後通 過郵件發到print3D(a)andinc.co. 一個星期*的時間,您就會在您門前收到您的設計!



Modelling Programs 建模軟件 

Autodesk 123D Design

Windows / Mac

 Autodesk 123D Design

Autodesk 123D Design

Sketchup Make

Windows / Mac


Windows / Mac 


Windows / Mac / Linus

3D Tin

Google Chrome / Firefox, no installation required 無需安裝 .

Kinematics App (Bracelet Design)

Browser, no installation required. 無需安裝。