For Shipping 快递运费

Shipping cost varies depends on distance.

We use SF Express shipping service for international shipment.

SF Express now provides shipping service to Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, U.S., Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapore. If the country you want to ship to is outside the list, we can arrange DHL, Fedex or UPS according to your preference.

To estimate the shipping cost to your address, you can visit SF Express homepage for the shipping charge table and choose your country from the list on the left.

>> visit SF Express Shipping Charge Table



顺丰快递目前向澳大利亚,越南,泰国,美国,日本,马来西亚,韩国,新加坡提供快递服务。如果您想寄往的国家不在清单里,我们可以根据您的选择安排DHL, Fedex 或UPS的快递。


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